February 14, 2015

Mukena Katun Jepang

Setelah berakhirnya era mukena bali, kali ini kita mendapatkan sesuatu yang baru. Yang lebih nyaman dikenakan, lebih fashionable dan lebih mahal sedikit dari yang sebelumnya yakni mukena katun jepang.

Bahan katun jepang terkenal akan coraknya yang khas, memiliki kelas tersendiri, tidak norak dan tentu saja benang yang digunakan berkualitas tinggi.

Tersedia banyak pilihan dengan berbagai merek manufacturer yang memproduksinya sesuai dengan kebutuhan konsumen. Di toko kain kita bisa menemukan beberapa tema yang pas untuk setiap produk yang akan dibuat dengan bahan utaman japanese cotton ini, misalnya saja untuk berbagai motif printing untuk seprai, baju anak dan mukenah.

Kita bisa berkreasi lebih mudah, murah dan langit yang jadi batasnya dengan bahan ini. Tanpa perlu ribet memikirkan biaya screen printing yang mahal, khususnya jika kita membuatnya secara satuan.

Tengok saja, atasan motif bunga dan yang bagian bawah mukena katun jepang polkadot yang lucu ini. Bisa jadi fun, stylish ataupun klasik, tergantung bagaimana kalian memadukannya.


Jika kalian membuat sendiri kalian bisa berkreasi secara bebas dengan biaya yang cukup terjangkau, namun jika membeli dari pedagang kalian biasanya akan menemukan beberapa model yang umumnya simple, renda ataupun bordir.
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October 14, 2014

Best Nose Hair Trimmer

The simplest way to cut your too long hair in nostril is by using this device. They are come with box and instruction like a bread trim machine. Work simply superb and we can count on ‘em.

They are made from fine brand you know well. Like Philips, Groom Mate, Remington, The Bullet and some of them also does not a well known brand but still have a good quality. Usually they are come from China. See this for detail.

There is no doubt using a scissor can be harmful. In the bathroom with wet floor can bring you to disaster. This device have a great shape and nice handle from rubber. With their shape blade made from fine non corrosive stainless steel they are can cut with perfect timing. You need to maintain the blade sharp level with checking it regularly and replace it if needed. If you are not do it, they work will be different. Rather than cut, they will pull the hair in nostril and can be a first gate for you to get allergic and influenza.

If you still confused about this, you can check this best nose hair trimmer page, they are provide full and detail information about this topic. You can also get more info about dumbbells there.

In conclusion, using a branded product with well material can be useful for us to get rid the nasal hair that make our face ugly like what this reddit user said. Cheaper solution is use scissor, but you should know the risk when using it.

October 10, 2014

Electric Fillet Knife and Computer Repairs Business

Hello guys, I still here working at electric knives manufacturer who made fillet knife as their main market. I also run computer repairs business here in Melbourne.

Both of them make me dizzy. I hate it but I need them. They are my income source. But I can not focus because I just have one head and need to do two things in same time.

In the factory I work as production staff, sometime we are innovate models and material for many brands. People here always meeting and meeting again with client. Hear what they want and implement it on draft design make a sample and wait for their approval. It seems easy but tangled when you are here in the business.

At the same time I also get a call from my employee at repair business. They ask about my decision about something. Contract or any problem happen in my own company.

Both of them need clear brain who can think and make a right decision. I here because the salary is good. And my own business is also grow give me revenue almost twice from my salary.

People outside here always say I need to resign and focus on my own stuff. But I still scared and confused.

You can see my electric fillet knife hereĀ  They are awesome and I love work here.

I always afraid my own company can not run well in the future. A risk is bigger than working here. Check the list of other competitor of computer repairs melbourne they are huge list. People also run this type and made profit too.

I need to learn more about this business. I think this page is have a lot of things I should take into my brain.

If you have suggestion, feel free to comment.

October 9, 2014


Ungu is a band from Indonesia. They are exist since mid 90 and create lots album with passion. Their album is sold in million numbers and their fans grow up across the country and also neighbor.

They are Pop band who also made album religi. Few of them become hits in the top 40 radio list. Make them one of ten most famous band in Indonesia. And people love to play their song with guitar. Here is the kunci gitar ungu plus liriknya.

Their concert always fully booked. Indoor or outdoor concert always bring their fans come every time they are held it. Singapore or Malaysian fans is also fanatic. They usually held their own space there and people like them.

Like other band, they are not perfect. Some of them exist and some of them is out. Since their first time career that lots of replacement in the member you can read the full about them here.

With huge fan base, Ungu raised the top faster than other. They are great and hard worker in the music industry.

Article by : Solehudin from Banchang-SH